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Marketing to Moms: Daily Deals for Moms

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By Jamie Dunham

In this world of Groupon, LivingSocial and other Groupon clones, it is nice to see that one group, Daily Deals for Moms, is actually seeking to help local businesses and Moms, as well as make money. Groupon has been criticized by advertisers for its high commissions and huge volumes that actually can threaten the ongoing profitability of a business when a business has a hard time fulfilling all the buyers the offer has stimulated.

Well, meet Ashley Kingsley and Whitney Trujillo of Daily Deals for Moms who saw there was a way to make daily deal sites supportive for all types of local businesses. The two social media-savvy women understand that Moms make 85% of the household purchases, and thought there was a place for a site dedicated strictly to Moms. Ashley told me that the two owners know their audience well since they are both Moms. So their deals include Mom-focused features like restaurants, photography packages, and kid-friendly offers.

Some of their novel deals have included organic food, home organization, camps, psychic readings and services from a female electrician. Daily Deals suggests at least a 50% offer so it is important for businesses to know their target audience and use the deal to encourage trial.

In addition to keeping it very local, they also let businesses put a cap on the deals so the businesses are not overwhelmed. They were the first to put a cap on the number sold.

Moms, be on the lookout. They are expanding from Denver to Austin, Boston, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Portland and San Diego.


Spring TweetUp 2010

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I am really looking forward to Spring this year. Winter knocked us around a bit and I am ready to shake off the cold and celebrate!

I am planning a TweetUp to mark the beginning of Spring to see old friends and new, and to welcome Mari Smith to Denver!

Mari is a widely recognized Scottish-Canadian Social Media Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Facebook Passionista! Mari is also an author her book, “Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day” comes out May 3, 2010 by Sybex (Wiley) DETAILS HERE:


April 9th, 2010

6: 30pm – 9:30pm

The Lobby Denver Downtown Denver

Happy Hour Specials

If you are interested in Sponsoring this event please contact me:

@ashleykingsley or or 303-918-8404

Please keep in mind that it is also opening day for the beloved ROCKIES!

Parking may be tough

Carpool and take public transit if you can

Please drink responsibly


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    As with most of my ideas, @TwitStroll hit me upside the head in the middle of the night and jolted me out of bed. For some reason my ideas don’t sleep.  I am somewhat of an impulsive person (zip it Mom) and I act fast on my ideas. So, when I thought of  TwitStroll, I went full force ahead.

    I have been using Twitter for a few years now and I have watched it grow and change. It has, in my opinion, become one of the most fascinating tools ever used in the marketing sphere.

    If you don’t know about Twitter, please, please dig yourself out of the hole and read THIS.

    I have been attending  and throwing TweetUps since early 2007.  Which, in the digital age seems like a lifetime.

    Please refer HERE if you don’t know what a TweetUp is and get your head out of your you-know-what! I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the smartest, most progressive, hilarious people at TweetUps. When there is a TweetUp it usually takes place at a bar or restaurant and often at night.  With two kids under my wing it has been hard for me to get away because that is my quality time with my kids and my husband.

    Often during the daytime I do find myself wishing I could connect with more people while I am a stay-at-home Mom.  And, after a good bout’ of postpartum depression I realized I could create something that would encourage me to connect with others a little more spontaneously… and WALA! It’s a Twitstroll.

    TwitStroll is similar to a TweetUp but more spontaneous and versatile.  Perhaps last minute!


    I Tweet that I am taking the baby and going for a walk. Since I know there are people all over Denver, I choose a place I haven’t been in a while. I include a MAP in my Tweet and a #hashtag as well as the exact time the TwitStroll will begin.  I am then committed to myself to show up and maybe someone else will too.  It helps me get out of the house, I get to meet other awesome and intelligible people from Twitter and the In Real Life community grows by leaps and bounds. Face it – we are ALL BUSY! But a quick walk, cup of joe, a beer … we can all do that.

    A TwitStroll can be anywhere at anytime and ANYONE can have one!  Throw it out in your stream and do one thing: COMMIT to being where you say you are going to be.  Make sure to always use the # hashtag and make sure to help promote other Twits Strolls.

    It is a great opportunity for people to get involved on many levels!

    Here are some ideas for a TwitStroll:

    • Dog Park
    • Park with Kids
    • Lunch
    • Happy Hour
    • Random Dodge Ball Game
    • A Run
    • A Swim
    • Breakfast
    • Coffee
    • A Party
    • A Walk
    • A Book Signing
    • A Cause/Campaign
    • Camping
    • Mall Stroll
    • Bar Stroll
    • Parent’s Night Out
    • Specific Communities
    • Garage Sales
    • Baseball Game
    • Skeet Shooting
    • Carnival
    • Rodeo

    And I am sure there are a lot more…

    The beauty of a TwitStroll is they can happen everyday, anywhere in the world.

    Woody Allen once said “98% of life is about showing up” so this is me, kicking postpartum ass, shouting out to people I want to know, getting out and getting active, silly, groovy, caffeinated, supported; you name it… Its YOUR TwitStroll.

    Follow us on Twitter @TwitStroll and @ashleykingsley

    Into the Night with Polly Baca

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    After the first evening of my training with The White House Project, I ran up to my hotel room and dropped my notebooks from the day so I wouldn’t have to carry them to the bar/networking that was taking place.  I was not sure how long I would stay up – it was already 10:00pm.

    PollyBacaI noticed one of the panelists was standing outside of the bar looking in. I tapped her shoulder and thanked her for her time and for being part of the panel on Women’s Leadership in politics. Her name, Polly Baca. I had NO idea who this woman was. Quite honestly, I haven’t paid much attention to local politicos over the years. My attention has always been on the major Presidential race every four years.

    I asked Polly if she wanted to grab a drink.  We passed through the crowd of women who were already comfortably networking in small circles.  Polly and I sat in the very back side of the bar, removed from everyone, except the bartender.  Little did I know, I was sitting with the first woman elected to the Colorado House of Representatives and, later, to the state senate, Polly Baca-Barragán (born 1943) was the first Hispanic woman elected to those offices.

    I sat in awe as Polly shared her life experiences with me that included being one of Bobby Kennedy and JFK’s staff members as well as Special Assistant to Bill Clinton during the Clinton Administration. We talked about the Bay of Pigs, her longstanding relationship with the Democratic National Conventions and her love affair with politics and history.

    Polly and I talked about women and politics and the need for more LAND the role of leadership in this country. Sadly, we fall short when it comes to women leaders – not because they don’t exist but because electing women isn’t the norm, YET.

    Polly was so dear and kind. We laughed, especially when she told me she married and divorced, TWICE, the father to her two children, who was also a Priest!!!

    Polly has been working with LARASA as the Executive Director. The mission of the Latin American Research and Service Agency (LARASA) is to lead and influence change to improve the quality of life for Latinos in Colorado.


    It was as if two old pals had been reunited. It was one of the more interesting evenings of my life.

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