Ashley E. Kingsley

What Press Does

In Uncategorized on January 15, 2011 at 5:26 am

Press, is an interesting animal. FOX NEWS called a few days before Christmas  – “We would love to interview you about Daily Deals for Moms.” 

No problem, bring it! I thought it would be a local, feel good story…

We had no idea it would be a national piece that ran for over two weeks, in every market in the country…


We are so thrilled.  We are so glad that others are seeing and feeling our mission as we do.

Whitney Trujillo, my amazing business partner and I are just really in awe. We found a niche that people needed. We have been responding to emails and phone calls from all over the country for over two weeks. People asking us to “please bring Daily Deals for Moms to their neighborhood.” Small business owners asking to get featured on our site… when… when… when could they get in? (sorry, we are booked, over a month out!)

So, we will do just that. We are working night and day. We are strategizing. Still warming bottles for our own kids, managing our lives, outside of work (is there such a thing?) and working on bringing our model to your city.

And we are proud… and we can’t wait to grow… and continue to support small business and share ‘darn good deals’ with moms and families all over the country.




  1. Very Cool! Congrats! You never know what will take off and when, but it sounds like you guys are up for the challenge.

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