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Marketing to Moms: Daily Deals for Moms

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By Jamie Dunham

In this world of Groupon, LivingSocial and other Groupon clones, it is nice to see that one group, Daily Deals for Moms, is actually seeking to help local businesses and Moms, as well as make money. Groupon has been criticized by advertisers for its high commissions and huge volumes that actually can threaten the ongoing profitability of a business when a business has a hard time fulfilling all the buyers the offer has stimulated.

Well, meet Ashley Kingsley and Whitney Trujillo of Daily Deals for Moms who saw there was a way to make daily deal sites supportive for all types of local businesses. The two social media-savvy women understand that Moms make 85% of the household purchases, and thought there was a place for a site dedicated strictly to Moms. Ashley told me that the two owners know their audience well since they are both Moms. So their deals include Mom-focused features like restaurants, photography packages, and kid-friendly offers.

Some of their novel deals have included organic food, home organization, camps, psychic readings and services from a female electrician. Daily Deals suggests at least a 50% offer so it is important for businesses to know their target audience and use the deal to encourage trial.

In addition to keeping it very local, they also let businesses put a cap on the deals so the businesses are not overwhelmed. They were the first to put a cap on the number sold.

Moms, be on the lookout. They are expanding from Denver to Austin, Boston, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Portland and San Diego.


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Launching a Company

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There is something beautiful about startups. I have always had a soft spot for big ideas and collaborative efforts around bringing an idea to life.  There is something very powerful about taking action on an idea and cultivating it from the way it looks and feels, how it operates and how it is perceived by the public once it is launched.

In April of 2010, I was given a great big opportunity to take a company Daily Deals for Moms and make it my own.  The foundation had been poured, and the ball had been set in motion. It was now mine to take, make and grow.  With the enormity of the project and the stellar potential of the business model, I knew I needed a team mate.

I called the one woman, who is everything I am not. She is precise. Detail orientated. Financially literate and extremely diverse in her ability to make things run from SEO to internal systems management.  I called Whitney Trujillo. A strong blend of business savvy, marketing know-how and all things technical.  We formed a partnership based on strengths and it is going well.

Daily Deals for Moms is comitted to supporting small business, keeping capital local and sharing ‘darn good deals.’ I have always been very passionate about the small business.  I have started service relate vantures soley to work closly with small business.  This is no different and I remain very dedicated to making sure I do everything I can to work with small business with Daily Deals for Moms.

Since April 2010, we have opened up the Denver, Boston, Colorado Springs markets, with Portland, Chicago and several other cities in the line up.  We have feet on the street and are formulating meaningful partnerships and learning a lot about the market as it pertains to modern day advertising and marketing.

The landscape has changed, greatly over the last 5 years. Print advertising  is a dying breed, in most cases. Television advertising is also changing dramatically with the ability to DVR or TIVO programs – there is no need to watch commercials anymore; we can fast forward through all of them.

So what do this mean for business?

It means that performance based marketing companies like Daily Deals for Moms is moving into the space with a much more timely way to reach your consumers, directly, with targeted messages. It is very, very powerful.

Excited for the growth of this company and even more excited to continue working with small businesses, and this time, I get to work with them all over the country. That is really, really exciting.



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