Ashley E. Kingsley

It Would Be Bliss…

In Uncategorized on January 25, 2010 at 9:57 pm

There is this thing… that I really want to do. The reason I am not able to do it is two… no ten fold. After birthing two children, helping my Mom fight and BEAT Pancreatic Cancer and running my company solo for the last 5 years, I am maxed out. Wait, no….yes, I mean, YES! I am maxed out and so is our bank account. You see, consulting is tough. And when you have two kids at home, one three and a half the other just 6.5 months, it takes a toll – on everything.

Yes… it is also amazing; don’t get me wrong! Kids are the bees knees.  But let’s be real.  Going to conferences of any kind, leisure travel, awesome shoes and even new underwear are all unobtainable, well, not the underwear part but some days it feels that way!  It’s a HANDFUL!  Toss in some postpartum depression and there ya have it!

I cannot even imagine what it feels like to drive toward an airport, let alone board a plane to venture out on my own; spread my damn wings and fly… literally. It’s a big day if I get to hit Starbucks.

Oh, poor me….

NOT! I have an amazing life. Yeah, I do!  I have this awesome brown shirt that I wear and it has my daughter’s fingerprints stained into it. I still wear it because I am that cool.  And I also have a new hairstyle. It’s called – ‘This is as good as it gets.’  Our family car smells like a carcass… I’m getting used to it.  I also have this killer new lipstick called ‘chapstick’ and it makes my lips look sweet!  Date night with my husband was so unbelievable the other night.  We got in the family ;carcus’ car and went through the drive-thru Starbucks and drove around the suburbs of Denver. I know! Can you believe it? We got totally out of control when we stopped for gas on the way home.

I try to stay humble. But sometimes, my ego does take over and I get a bit cocky. I know that others aren’t as lucky as we are.  I sometimes have to keep this extravagant living on the down-low so not to create jealousy among my friends and colleagues.

So, there is this conference coming up called ‘Blissdom.’ Sounds great.  Really.  It is a two-day smorgasbord of amazingness.

Here is the breakdown:

Following Your Bliss means dreaming impossible dreams – and then making them possible through creativity, passion and direction.  Blissdom 2010 is your space to make this happen.  You’ll leave Blissdom:
  • Inspired and empowered
  • Brimming with new ideas, resources and connections
  • Burning to improve your writing, creative content and products
  • Ready to act strategically to meet your business goals
  • and on the right path to realizing your vision of bliss

Can you imagine? All of this in two-days? I have looked for this kind of fulfillment for 5 years? All packed into one weekend? I wonder if I should wear my brown shirt?

Listen. I have written my whole life. My first 28 page book at age 11 was ‘Rainbows Under Harvard Elementary’ about a budding gymnast. It didn’t win any awards or anything, and the pink binder I sent to publishers might have been overkill, but hey… how many of you sent college ruled paper into a publisher with rainbows drawn on the cover with crayola markers?

I have a business. I have goals.  I have visions. I have new ideas. I even have old ideas.  Thing is… I can’t get out from under the storm of chaos that comes with kids, drained bank account, postpartum depression and admittedly am having problems focusing.

I want to go to Blissdom ’10. I want to find my bliss and I need some help.  I want to surround myself with women who represent what I am striving for, brown shirt,  awesome hair and ALL.  I want to ACT strategically and not impulsively.  I want to learn how to reach out… out… out and draw energy in and not give it all away.

I need this like I need a tall drink of water, a new shirt, pink lipstick, some heels and a nice, long, uninterrupted shower. I strive for a better  me everyday. I do. Some days are better than others.  I think this would really be a remarkable experience.  And I would like  to add my energy to the pot.  I’ve got some good stuff going on in my head. And I have some great stuff in my heart. Being ‘part of’ this amazing opportunity would refill my stained coffee cup.

  1. Ashley,

    I hope you will be able to get the tickets to Blissdom. I am so excited to “fly” away and be free!

    Crossing my fingers,

  2. Is this a contest hon? Because I would SO love you to come to Blissdom with me!!!


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